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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

2 Seasons
L, M
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This is the story of a woman of a certain age and her longtime husband who have sold their family home and moved downtown to a hip condo in a transitional neighbourhood in a conscious effort to change their lives.


  • The Other Davina

    1. The Other Davina

    Davina struggles to choose a couch for the new loft. Al befriends the local drug dealer.

    26m 45s

  • The Old Woman

    2. The Old Woman

    Davina has a disturbing visit with her ailing mother. Al takes on a merciless radio host.

    29m 33s

  • The Three Sisters

    3. The Three Sisters

    Davina considers escaping to Santa Barbara with another man. Al joins the literary elite.

    28m 47s

  • The Mummy

    4. The Mummy

    Al takes piano lessons. Davina is taken by the piano teacher.

    26m 45s

  • Not the Haitian Corpse

    5. Not the Haitian Corpse

    Davina's mother dies, and Roger is reborn. Al gets high, and then gets real.

    28m 32s

  • The Return of the Other Davina

    6. The Return of the Other Davina

    Davina takes a look over the garden fence. Al's heart is badly broken.

    27m 23s