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Survivor's Remorse

Survivor's Remorse

4 Seasons
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  • CRAVE Season 1-2
  • STARZ Season 1-4
Cam Calloway is about to find out the price he'll pay for stardom, love and loyalty. A basketball star in his early 20s, Calloway's life changes after he signs a multimillion-dollar contract with a team in Atlanta. Feeling a responsibility to support needy family and friends, Cam wrestles with the rewards and pitfalls of sudden wealth and fame.
Drama, Comedy

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • In the Offing

    1. In the Offing

    Hoopster Cam Calloway takes his talents to Atlanta, along with an entourage of family members.

    29m 39s

  • On the Carpet

    2. On the Carpet

    Cam's mother shares too much information at a charity event; Uncle Julius wants a new role.

    26m 47s

  • How to Build a Brand

    3. How to Build a Brand

    Cam gets an unexpected wish from a dying teen; Reggie wants Cam to pay for the family's expenses.

    26m 8s

  • The Decisions

    4. The Decisions

    Missy works to get Reggie into an exclusive country club; Cam looks for a church to support.

    28m 36s

  • Out of the Past

    5. Out of the Past

    Cam and Reggie reunite with a childhood friend; Cam is offered a shoe endorsement deal.

    26m 40s

  • Six

    6. Six

    Cam intervenes when an old flame tries to reconnect with Reggie.

    28m 22s

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Survivor's Remorse Season 1 Trailer

Survivor's Remorse Season 1 Trailer

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