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The Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race Canada

5 Seasons
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10 teams embark on the race of a lifetime, all vying for the grand prize at the finish line. Hosted by Olympic champion Jon Montgomery.
Adventure, Reality


  • What's It Take To Get A Cup Of Tea?

    1. What's It Take To Get A Cup Of Tea?

    Host Jon Montgomery launches 11 new teams into a race for the biggest grand prize in Canadian television history.

    45m 53s

  • There's A Fish In My Pants

    2. There's A Fish In My Pants

    Teams race to the surfing capital of Canada, Tofino, where things turn a little fishy and some teams struggle not to wipe out from the race.

    43m 55s

  • Snakes And Liars

    3. Snakes And Liars

    In a first, Canadian racers take on the world and race to Hong Kong, where foreign sights and sounds push teams further than ever before.

    43m 55s

  • They're Harshing Our Mellow

    4. They're Harshing Our Mellow

    Teams race to Macau, China, where they get hot – and bothered. A casino challenge deals a round of confusion and desperation.

    43m 55s

  • Who Designs These Torture Tests?

    5. Who Designs These Torture Tests?

    Teams fly to the Yukon where an Express Pass giveaway causes trouble. The Roadblock sets its sights on one team packing.

    43m 55s

  • She’s the Pierogi Poobah

    6. She’s the Pierogi Poobah

    In Winnipeg, a rockin’ Roadblock leaves Racers at a loss for words. At the Detour, teams hit the ice with unexpected results.

    43m 54s

  • Lest We Forget

    7. Lest We Forget

    In Normandy, a Detour has teams horsing around. When teams come face-to-face with Canadian history, they pause to remember the fallen.

    43m 55s

  • I Said Yes!

    8. I Said Yes!

    There is no love lost in romantic Paris as the pressure mounts. The Roadblock brings the race to a standstill and tempers to a boil.

    43m 55s

  • How Are We Going To Explain This To Mom And Dad?

    9. How Are We Going To Explain This To Mom And Dad?

    The Race comes home to Montreal where it kicks into high gear. A cheesy Detour causes confusion, and teams are challenged to bare it all.

    43m 56s

  • Hot Poop

    10. Hot Poop

    Teams race to Charlottetown and take a step back in time. There’s no horsing around as The Race comes to a dead heat.

    43m 55s

  • Put The Fun Back In Fundy

    11. Put The Fun Back In Fundy

    Teams face a grueling Roadblock and a complicated coastal Detour when they race to New Brunswick to fight for a spot in the finale.

    43m 54s

  • Who's Da Bomb?

    12. Who's Da Bomb?

    The finalists fly to Ottawa, where they are pushed to their absolute limits. It’s the gold medal game and winner takes all.

    46m 25s