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The Big Bang Theory: Favourite Episodes 12 ITEMS
The Middle Earth Paradigm

S1 E6 - The Middle Earth Paradigm
The Barbarian Sublimation

S2 E3 - The Barbarian Sublimation
The Euclid Alternative

S2 E5 - The Euclid Alternative
The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

S2 E11 - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
The Friendship Algorithm

S2 E13 - The Friendship Algorithm
The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

S3 E8 - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency
The Excelsior Acquisition

S3 E16 - The Excelsior Acquisition
The Staircase Implementation

S3 E22 - The Staircase Implementation
The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

S4 E2 - The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
The Transporter Malfunction

S5 E20 - The Transporter Malfunction
The Love Spell Potential

S6 E23 - The Love Spell Potential
The Table Polarization

S7 E16 - The Table Polarization