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The Girl Without a Phone

The Girl Without a Phone

1 Season
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Two best friends discover their lives are controlled by the forces of fairy tales.

  • PG


  • A Cinderella Story

    1. A Cinderella Story

    A magical cell phone transforms the life of the biggest loser at school.

    22m 6s

  • A Frog Princess Story

    2. A Frog Princess Story

    Sierra accidentally agrees to go out with Charlie, the weirdest boy at school.

    28m 30s

  • A Snow White Story

    3. A Snow White Story

    When Lily's handmade emojis catch the eye of popular boy Steve, she infuriates Steve's girlfriend, queen of the school, Nicky.

    35m 54s

  • A Sleeping Beauty Story

    4. A Sleeping Beauty Story

    Sierra and Lilly must rescue their boyfriends from the top floor science room when a crazy substitute teacher keeps them locked in the room.

    34m 1s

  • A Beauty & the Beast Story

    5. A Beauty & the Beast Story

    While waiting for the coolest boy in school to ask her out, mean girl Jenny bangs her head, only to forget everything about her life.

    27m 13s

  • A Rapunzel Story

    6. A Rapunzel Story

    Nicky, the popular, but mean Homecoming Queen blackmails the football team quarterback into being her date to the dance.

    15m 56s

  • And the Golden Play Button

    7. And the Golden Play Button

    Lily and Sierra find a Young Actor's Project YouTube Golden Play Button, but before they can return it to its rightful owner, they lose it.

    16m 56s

  • An Aladdin Story

    8. An Aladdin Story

    Lily and Sierra help their new friend, Jeanie find love after a high school science project gone wrong traps her inside her phone.

    38m 16s