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The Mighty Jungle

The Mighty Jungle

2 Seasons
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Babu the Meerkat, Bruce the Gorilla and Rhonda the Rhinoceros are the stars of this series geared toward preschoolers. Each character has a different type of personality -- fearless Babu likes to lead his friends on adventures through the Mighty Jungle, nervous Bruce has fun with help from his friends (and safety helmet) and Rhonda likes playing by the rules (especially the ones she makes up). The trio of animals captures the spirit of the times along with the hopes, fears, frustrations, joys, sorrows and silliness of children. The series also explores how preschoolers overcome physical and emotional obstacles.
Adventure, Kids

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  • Planet Crazy

    1. Planet Crazy

    Babu and Bruce hear a strange sound in the jungle and discover a spaceship landing in front of them.

    11m 41s

  • Babysitting Kico

    2. Babysitting Kico

    Rhonda gets help practicing babysitting Babu's little sister, Kico.

    11m 41s

  • Tag That Sloth

    3. Tag That Sloth

    Babu, Bruce and Rhonda meet up with Wendel the Sloth, the slowest creature in the jungle.

    11m 41s

  • The Magic Hat

    4. The Magic Hat

    Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are chasing butterflies in the jungle when Bruce discovers a magic hat is following them.

    11m 12s

  • The Ice Cream Castle

    5. The Ice Cream Castle

    Babu and Bruce are swinging on vines when they find strange footprints in the jungle.

    11m 41s

  • Dressup Tea Party

    6. Dressup Tea Party

    Rhonda gets a fabulous idea and invites Babu and Bruce over for a dress-up tea party, with a contest for the best costume.

    11m 41s

  • Babu's Missing Ball

    7. Babu's Missing Ball

    Babu decides not to let anyone else play with his favorite ball.

    11m 41s

  • Watch That Egg!

    8. Watch That Egg!

    Babu and Rhonda find a large, strange-looking egg in the jungle.

    11m 41s

  • Bruce's First Sleepover

    9. Bruce's First Sleepover

    Bruce is unprepared for his first sleepover.

    11m 41s

  • Mighty Jungle Club

    10. Mighty Jungle Club

    Babu and Bruce find a treehouse and decide to start up a club.

    11m 40s

  • Bananas for Bananas

    11. Bananas for Bananas

    Babu discovers that there are foods that are just as yummy and just as much fun as bananas.

    11m 41s

  • Queen Rhonda

    12. Queen Rhonda

    Babu, Bruce and Rhonda find a crown and Rhonda decides that she's the Queen of the Jungle.

    11m 41s

  • Spot the Giraffe

    13. Spot the Giraffe

    Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are playing hide and seek with their friend Spot the Giraffe.

    11m 41s

  • It's Not Easy Being Stinky

    14. It's Not Easy Being Stinky

    Bruce makes a new friend in the Mighty Jungle -- a very smelly flower named Glinda.

    11m 41s

  • All That Sparkles

    15. All That Sparkles

    A pirate adventure for buried treasure.

    11m 40s

  • Mighty Juice

    16. Mighty Juice

    Babu and Bruce collect all kinds of different juices.

    11m 40s

  • Jungle Picnic

    17. Jungle Picnic

    Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are going on a picnic - or maybe to the beach, or possibly the playground.

    11m 41s

  • Jungle Snow

    18. Jungle Snow

    Snow falls in the jungle.

    11m 41s

  • Beehive Boogie

    19. Beehive Boogie

    Babu and Bruce are playing cowboys in the jungle when they meet a bee with a pair of magic boots.

    11m 42s

  • Flower Picking Rules

    20. Flower Picking Rules

    Rhonda is happy to share all her knowledge about the rules of the jungle with Babu and Bruce.

    11m 41s

  • Jungle Campout

    21. Jungle Campout

    On their first camping trip, Bruce and Rhonda wake up and think they hear and see scary things.

    11m 41s

  • Chocolate Marshmallow the Monkey

    22. Chocolate Marshmallow the Monkey

    Babu and Rhonda meet a dancing monkey.

    11m 41s

  • Rhonda's Candy

    23. Rhonda's Candy

    When Babu and Bruce discover that Rhonda has a stash of candy they expect her to share it.

    11m 41s

  • Wand-a-Rhonda

    24. Wand-a-Rhonda

    Rhonda thinks she can use a magic wand to become a great ballerina.

    11m 42s

  • Rhonda's Birthday

    25. Rhonda's Birthday

    Babu's mother tells him to be polite to Rhonda on her birthday.

    11m 41s

  • Silly Day in the Jungle

    26. Silly Day in the Jungle

    Silly Day is a day for being silly.

    11m 41s