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The Pizza Show

The Pizza Show

2 Seasons
L, M
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Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America, and different cities around the country offer their own take on the dish -- whether it's deep-dish pies in Chicago or the thin-crust pizzas that New York City is known for. One reason for pizza's popularity is the fact that it offers a blank palate for creative minds -- it can be as simple as having just sauce and cheese on it or be loaded with unique toppings, satisfying virtually any preferences. In this series, Brooklyn pizzeria owner Frank Pinello travels around the world to experience the pizza culture as far away as Seoul. Although Pinello is interested in the various types of pizza found worldwide, he is most interested in meeting the people who make and eat the pies.
Cooking, Documentary


  • Chicago

    1. Chicago

    There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Chicago pizza.

    22m 30s

  • New Haven

    2. New Haven

    Everything you need to know about pizza in New Haven.

    22m 30s

  • Brooklyn

    3. Brooklyn

    Host Frank Pinello travels around the world eating great pizza and meeting even greater people.

    22m 30s

  • New York

    4. New York

    Viceland hits all the best slices in New York City from Greenwich Village to Soho.

    22m 30s

  • Special Slice

    5. Special Slice

    Some of the most special slices around: the Grandma, the Jersey Bar Pie, and the Cold Cheese slice.

    22m 31s

  • Business Of Pizza

    6. Business Of Pizza

    Zuma pizza in Silicon Valley; New York Style pie in South Korea.

    22m 31s