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Transporter: The Series

Transporter: The Series

2 Seasons
V, L, S, N
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Based on the hit movie franchise, "Transporter: The Series" stars Chris Vance ("Prison Break," "Rizzoli & Isles") as Frank Martin, a professional transporter, who delivers anyone or anything -- no questions asked -- for a price. Whether pop princess or prized painting, Martin gets the package to the destination on schedule and never quits until the job is complete, which is why he's considered the best. Missions may take him to underworlds occupied by dangerous criminals and desperate players, but as long as he plays by the rules -- never change the deal, no names, never open the package -- Martin delivers.


  • Trojan Horsepower

    1. Trojan Horsepower

    Frank must fend off hired thugs while he races to deliver an engine prototype to Paris.

    47m 43s

  • 2. Payback

    A member of Frank's SAS unit back when he was in the army sets him up for a robbery.

    47m 42s

  • 3. The General's Daughter

    Frank is assigned to transport Delia, a rich young socialite, to a safe house.

    48m 25s

  • 4. Harvest

    Frank is the focus of a police search when the package turns out to be a human heart.

    47m 48s

  • 5. Dead Drop

    Frank weighs the worth of a human life against fulfilling his duties as a transporter.

    48m 14s

  • 6. Hot Ice

    Frank is attacked as he retrieves the package from a high-security vault.

    48m 16s

  • 7. Give the Guy a Hand

    Frank finds himself on the wrong side of the law, jailed for a murder he didn't commit.

    47m 45s

  • 8. Sharks

    Frank must deliver a million euros in a race against two elite couriers.

    47m 44s

  • 9. City of Love

    A simple Paris delivery becomes complicated as Frank is caught in a deadly revenge plot.

    47m 45s

  • 10. The Switch

    An art collector hires Frank to deliver a priceless masterpiece.

    47m 44s

  • 11. 12 Hours

    Frank is hired to deliver a stolen microchip used for developing advanced weapons.

    47m 42s

  • 12. Cherchez La Femme

    The delivery of an anti-social young hacker puts Carla's life in jeopardy.

    48m 28s