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Ultimate Ninja Challenge

Ultimate Ninja Challenge

1 Season
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Enduring extreme hardships is integral to practicing the ancient Japanese art of the ninja. Nine individuals take part in a 24-day survival challenge to find out who has what it takes to consider themselves a true-blue ninja. The challenge includes eight grueling missions - trekking through a frigid swamp, surviving overnight on an icy glacier, crossing a raging river, escaping imprisonment, and more - created by Jinichi Kawakami, Japan's last ninja grandmaster, which push the wannabe warriors' body, mind and spirit to their breaking points. Those who complete the entire survival challenge receive a final lesson from the master himself in Iga City, Japan, the legendary home of the ninja.
Documentary, Reality, Adventure

  • 14+
  • Mature Themes


  • Dig Deep to Survive

    1. Dig Deep to Survive

    Warriors are dropped into brutal environments, including a glacier, a swamp and a mountain.

    41m 32s

  • Over the Edge

    2. Over the Edge

    Nine survivalists are desperate for food, water and fire on a barren island.

    41m 32s

  • Hell in High Water

    3. Hell in High Water

    Rafting through frigid, mountain rapids tests the survivalists' will and ability to work together. A brutal injury could take one of the...

    41m 32s

  • Drop Zone

    4. Drop Zone

    To cross a 90-foot vertical gorge, the survivalists must work together to build a rope bridge.

    41m 32s

  • Pull Your Weight

    5. Pull Your Weight

    The survivalists must carry a 125-pound captive through brutal terrain, including mountain gorges.

    41m 32s