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Vanity Fair Confidential

Vanity Fair Confidential

1 Season
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Whether we love them or love to hate them, there is something about the rich and powerful that keeps us fascinated. From their rise and fall to their outrageous lies, and even murder, Vanity Fair captures it all and we just can’t turn away. Now, the true stories we have all devoured in Vanity Fair come to television. In each hour-long episode, viewers are treated to a sinful dose of power, wealth, deception and crime.
Documentary, Crime

  • 18+
  • Mature Themes


  • The Runaway Doctor

    1. The Runaway Doctor

    Dr. Mark Weinberger vanishes and his wife Michelle Kramer has no idea where he is.

    43m 40s

  • The Fugitive Heir

    2. The Fugitive Heir

    A headless torso washes ashore, a mobster's daughter is executed mob-style and a millionaire's wife vanishes.

    43m 39s

  • Prisoner of Denver

    3. Prisoner of Denver

    Lisl Auman is locked in a police car when a cop is gunned down but she is convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

    43m 38s

  • The Lady Vanishes

    4. The Lady Vanishes

    When Madalyn Murray O'Hair mysteriously disappears, she touches off one of the most baffling missing persons cases in American history.

    43m 44s

  • The Case of The Vanishing Blond

    5. The Case of The Vanishing Blond

    A woman is left for dead; when the case goes cold, private investigator Ken Brennan is hired to find out exactly what happened.

    43m 41s

  • The Counterfeit Rockefeller

    6. The Counterfeit Rockefeller

    Christophe Rocancourt is charming, cunning, French, and an imposter; officials wonder what it will take to stop the Frenchman.

    43m 43s

  • Don't Ask Don't Kill

    7. Don't Ask Don't Kill

    An American soldier is found bludgeoned to death; the Army calls it a fight that went too far, but investigators discover a shocking story.

    43m 34s

  • Alter Ego

    8. Alter Ego

    No one in J. R. Robinson's life had any idea just how vicious his crimes were or how far he would go to cover them up.

    43m 41s

  • Mad About The Boys

    9. Mad About The Boys

    Lou Pearlman, the man behind The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, flees the country causing law enforcement to begin an international manhunt.

    43m 39s

  • Legend With A Bullet

    10. Legend With A Bullet

    Phil Spector, dubbed "the mad genius" of rock 'n' roll", had a penchant for guns.

    43m 39s

  • The White House Boys

    11. The White House Boys

    More than 500 men claim that when they attended a Florida reform school, they suffered horrifying beatings and sexual abuse.

    43m 42s

  • Presumed Guilty

    12. Presumed Guilty

    Two men are convicted of abducting and killing 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico and are sentenced to death.

    43m 42s