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Warriors of Liberty City

Warriors of Liberty City

1 Season
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"Warriors of Liberty City" is a docuseries that explores Liberty City - a crime-ridden neighborhood in Miami that is arguably the NFL's largest, most successful football factory.
Sports, Documentary

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • We Are Kings

    1. We Are Kings

    Liberty City Warriors co-founder Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell tours Liberty City and describes the origins of the Warriors program.

    55m 42s

  • The West Is Back

    2. The West Is Back

    Miami Northwestern's quest to win a state championship is interrupted as Hurricane Irma approaches.

    56m 10s

  • We're Still Here

    3. We're Still Here

    As recovery from Hurricane Irma begins, the upcoming games against Overtown present challenges.

    54m 16s

  • 14

    4. 14

    A birthday party that nearly gets out of hand provides a reality check.

    56m 12s

  • Girls Dream

    5. Girls Dream

    The Dread family continues to struggle with their housing situation; pressure finally gets to Herb.

    55m 43s

  • Who We Do This For

    6. Who We Do This For

    The end of the season means it's back to regular life for the players and coaches.

    58m 20s

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Warriors of Liberty City Trailer

Warriors of Liberty City Trailer

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