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4 Seasons
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After serving time in a juvenile detention center for stealing a car, young Kristine Furillo secures a job as a stablehand at Raintree Farms. As she works her way up to jockey, she finds romance and competition from Raintree's ruthless rivals, the Davis Farm.

  • PG
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    A ranch family gives a troubled teenager (Genevieve Cortese) a second chance at life.

    43m 9s

  • The Rescue

    2. The Rescue

    A ranch family gives a troubled teenager (Genevieve Cortese) a second chance at life.

    44m 14s

  • Trust

    3. Trust

    Kris is released from the juvenile detention center and readjusts to life on the ranch.

    44m 6s

  • Mothers

    4. Mothers

    Kris' mother pays a surprise visit to the ranch; Dani becomes involved with a bookie.

    43m 31s

  • Guilty

    5. Guilty

    Veterinary bills and an impending IRS audit worry Jean; Kris gets a waitressing job.

    43m 25s

  • The Claiming Race

    6. The Claiming Race

    Kris promises to go on a date with Junior if he will stake a claim on Wildfire in an upcoming race.

    44m 10s

  • Lost & Found

    7. Lost & Found

    Kris, Matt, Junior and Dani head to the mountains when their horses are lost in a stampede.

    43m 46s

  • The Track

    8. The Track

    Wildfire loses a big race after ingesting potentially lethal cattle feed; Matt must cover debts.

    42m 59s

  • The Party

    9. The Party

    Matt and Junior throw a party while Jean is away at a horse show.

    43m 14s

  • Identity

    10. Identity

    Kris ignores her studies and ranch responsibilities to train with a famous female jockey.

    42m 29s

  • Tina Sharp

    11. Tina Sharp

    Tina introduces Kris to painkillers; Matt is upset when Kris goes out with Junior.

    44m 0s

  • Impressions

    12. Impressions

    A TV crew arrives at Raintree; Matt is angered after learning that his father visited the ranch.

    42m 50s

  • Loyalty

    13. Loyalty

    Kris is selected to ride Wildfire after star jockey Tina Sharp is lured away by the Davis family.

    44m 4s