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Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo Gabba Gabba!

4 Seasons
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DJ Lance Rock starts the fun each show with the magic words "Yo Gabba Gabba!" Five friendly monsters -- Muno, Brobee, Foofa, Toodee and Plex -- encourage kids to sing and dance along with the preschool series. Part animated and part live action, "Yo Gabba Gabba!" mixes cartoons and magical ideas into the musical episodes.
Educational, Music, Kids

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  • Eat

    1. Eat

    Eating vegetables and healthy meals; trying new foods; cleaning up messes.

    24m 2s

  • Summer

    2. Summer

    The characters of Gabba Land capture the happiness of summer; outdoor activities; pool party.

    23m 59s

  • Fun

    3. Fun

    Ways to have fun; dancing and making music; the Aggrolites perform.

    23m 43s

  • Dance

    4. Dance

    Dancing and music; getting too excited.

    23m 53s

  • Sleep

    5. Sleep

    The benefits of sleeping; using imagination; getting ready for bed; Smoosh performs.

    23m 56s

  • Happy

    6. Happy

    Overcoming sadness; hugging; Foofa sings about things that make her feel good; the Salteens perform.

    24m 1s

  • Friends

    7. Friends

    Having fun with friends; appreciating and respecting people.

    24m 4s

  • Careful

    8. Careful

    Safety; trying things more than once; snowballs.

    23m 40s

  • Scary

    9. Scary

    The Gabba gang finds different ways to learn about and not be afraid of new things.

    24m 3s

  • Halloween

    10. Halloween

    The Gabba gang dresses in Halloween costumes; changing seasons; Shiny Toy Guns perform.

    24m 2s

  • Greetings

    11. Greetings

    The Gabba gang learns how to greet people and create fun new ways to introduce themselves. The Wolfgramms perform.

    23m 50s

  • Move

    12. Move

    The Gabba gang learns how to maintain control; focusing on coordination.

    24m 3s

  • Together

    13. Together

    The Gabba gang learns about faces, playing games and teamwork.

    24m 0s

  • Christmas

    14. Christmas

    The Gabba gang learns about giving gifts; celebrating winter and the holiday season.

    23m 55s

  • Car

    15. Car

    The Gabba gang goes for a ride in a car and learns about seat belts.

    24m 6s

  • Share

    16. Share

    The Gabba gang learns about sharing; Cornelius performs.

    24m 3s

  • Find

    17. Find

    The Gabba gang discovers things that may be different or frightening; learning about animals.

    24m 7s

  • Train

    18. Train

    The gang learns how to overcome fears; the parts of a train.

    23m 50s

  • Love

    19. Love

    The gang learns that it is all right to love; the Postmarks perform.

    24m 2s

  • Imagine

    20. Imagine

    Using imagination; cheering a friend; different muscles in the body; the Shins perform.

    23m 53s